Welcome to the home of EVERYBODY AND ME! I'm Andy Bartmess, and there’s nothing more fun than going into the sound booth and seeing who’s there. I have done voices for most of my life in college radio, wargamming, slide shows, PowerPoint presentations, and just for fun, and this site now hosts many of the characters that have blossomed from my prolific imagination. Ian McAngus, General Abraham “Buck” Gizzard, Lyle Wacksman (professional announcer) and many others are comfortably at home on the demo page, waiting patiently for you.  If my talents will serve you or you can offer me audio advice, email me at andy@everybodyandme.com!  I would love to audition something for you as I finetune my work! 

   I can offer my two pro-studio demos, my first web commercials for Lore, and many more comedy commercials and PSAs from my booth to your ears, with more to come as I get the voices in my head in order. I’m available for all your vocal pleasure, and some post-production as well as things come together. You may also enjoy a handful of links to some web-based old time nostalgia radio streams, full of wonderful fifty-year-old goodness.  It’s the wonder of the Internet bringing you a doorway to the past!

   Thanks for stopping in, and enjoy what we have on display. As for the rest of you guys, we have work to do. QUICK! EVERYBODY INTO THE BOOTH!


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My characters may be up all night, but I'm not:  Email me by clicking on the LIVE sign.
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