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   All my life, I have enjoyed doing voices.  I could have been a fabulous actor if my memory was better, and I always hoped radio theater would make a comeback, because with a script in my hand, I was phenomenal. Every chance I got between “real” jobs I was looking to break into vocal work.    Two years ago I stumbled into Voices For All, an educational training group for would-be vocal talent, and found that yes, there might be a career path into vocal work for me. The technology has finally caught up with me, and now quality audio recording can be done on a shoestring in your own home. With some suggestions of some of the VFA staffers, I built an in-house studio upstairs in our stately Cape Cod in Cincinnati.

  I sub-divided the upstairs room at our house, walled off one-third, and built a serviceable large closet within that den, giving me ample storage for all the computer equipment that has piled up over the years.  (I am a notorious pack-rat.)  I added ample internal lighting, and thick pile carpet, and that part of the project was done. The rest of the conversion took some research time and planning, but then the fun really began.    I mounted shipping blankets over the doorway and walls of the sound booth, and my humble studio was ready for wiring!


To minimize the computer noise, I placed the recording laptop outside the booth itself using a  wireless mouse and keyboard in the booth, with a small flatscreen that duplicates the laptop display.  I started out with the metal pop screen that came with the mike, and moved to a professional nylon loop later on.  I am running a VFA template that allows two vocal tracks and one background track. 





Default Audio:

Blue Spark

VIA Mbox Mini

Pro Tools Express 10.3.4

24 Bit 44 Khz Wav with

Dyn3 Compressor /

Limiter Enabled


     I am also playing with Pro Tools First, the newer starting audio software, running on my desk PC.  If I get a clean enough sound, I may migrate to that. It offers four vocal tracks for editing, and a stereo background track.   


     I love doing characters, but I am told my regular speaking voice has a lot to offer.  I’ve posted my Voices For All -produced demo spots, my LORE gaming web audio, and my LCARS47 software Borg spot on the Demo Page along with all my faux-mercials to date.  I’m doing some character voices for The Dark Mod, a fan-driven update of the wonderful old Thief game, and it’s been great to contribute under real-world conditions.  I hope to move into commercials, instructional videos, and anywhere that needs my talents. Welcome to Studio One and to Everybody and Me!  And keep me in your prayers as I branch out into what I have always wanted to do!  





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